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where busy mamas can take control of their time, energy, and well-being!


Hi, I'm Hannah! A mom of 2, pharmacist, runner, and Intuitive Eating Counselor.


After becoming a mother, I found I lost a lot of my personal time and a little of myself, so I started @runthismomlife to find other women with similar struggles and find a way to take control of my life again as a Busy Mama!

As motherhood, my career, and interests have evolved, including ditching diet culture,  I created Food Freedom RX to help you also find food freedom!

Are you struggling with body image or your relationship with food or movement? Or are you a Busy Mama who wants to add to their village? Lets CONNECT, GROW, and THRIVE together.

with gratitude, Hannah

Heart Shape

Food Freedom Rx

Are you ready to start your Intuitive Eating journey? 


Have you started and could use additional support?

Well, me too!

Wherever you are in your journey, I am here to help you change your relationship with your body and food!

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The Busy Mama

Are you struggling to find the time to fit it all in?

Do you feel like you're drowning in motherhood and everything else on your to-do list?

Whether you're a mama, a soon-to-be mama, or a busy woman, I here to help you get your time back!

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